about us

Who we are

The Muslim Soup Kitchen (MSK) is a compassionate and community-driven initiative focused on serving those in need. Founded in 2019, MSK operates as a collaborative group with other mosques in London to help contribute to providing meals to marginalized individuals. We do not discriminate or do background checks on our patrons — we serve to all. Our efforts are rooted in the principles of empathy, dignity, and solidarity; aiming to alleviate hunger and foster a sense of belonging within our community.

Our Mission

At MSK, our mission is simple: to combat food insecurity and social isolation by offering high-quality meals to those in need. Each of our meals consists of a sizeable meat protein, usually a chicken thigh; and rich carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and/or vegetables. Currently, we’re based in two Ontario cities — London and St. Thomas. However, our aim is for this initiative to grow, inspiring more ‘MSKs’ to emerge in the future; both locally and beyond borders.

Increasing Islam

The charitable efforts within MSK strengthen bonds between Muslims and the wider community, dispelling Islamophobia through visible acts of compassion.

2023 Recap

In 2023, MSK London held 52 weekly sessions, serving over 5,500 meals to those in need. Meanwhile, MSK St. Thomas distributed approximately 1,500 meals across 12 monthly sessions.


The MSK initiative began in late 2019 with bi-weekly support for “My Sisters Place” charity. In response to the pandemic, we doubled down on our efforts and have been providing a free hot lunch every Saturday at 1:00 since July 2020.

Relationship with Hyatt Mosque and Center

While MSK London operates out of Hyatt Mosque and Center, it is an initiative supported by all Muslim organizations in London, ON. We are also proud to partner with local resource centers like the Crouch Neighborhood Library and more.